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Chevrolet Cruze

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Chevrolet cruze review
Chevrolet cruze ,Chevrolet introduced the production version of the Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan, U.S. 2011 at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2009. It is a global car for America refined so that many of the leading segment features and details that preconceived notions of what a small car in North America can be a challenge.
The Chevrolet Cruze also affirms commitment to building refined, fuel-efficient vehicles with new, small four-cylinder. It is expected to deliver segment-leading fuel economy with a new turbocharged 1.4L Ecotec I-4 with variable valve timing - including up to 40 mpg on the highway with a high efficiency model.
"Cruze is already a hit throughout Europe and Asia, and now comes to America to challenge the status quo," said Brent Dewar, GM vice president of global brand Chevrolet. "Together with the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle, Cruze is the last tangible example of how Chevrolet is on a great product that is easy on gas-free gas go working."
Uses the design of Chevrolet and engineering in Asia, Europe and North America brings, the Chevrolet Cruze to a progressive, globally influenced design by exceptionally high smoothness, quality and attention to detail complements the market - from precise tolerances between panels body on the use of quality materials in the interior.
'L', rest and space services that you expect in larger cars are what the Chevrolet Cruze offers, "said Margaret Brooks, marketing product manager for Chevrolet." This is a car that will shake up the compact segment, with a more spacious interior and cargo space than the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. "
Chevrolet Cruze goes on sale in the United States in the third quarter of 2010 but already has more than 4,000,000 miles on the whole world the quality and durability tests registered, making it one of the real world tested GM products prior to introduction into the the United States. The U.S. and Canadian version of the Chevrolet Cruze will be in Lordstown, Ohio, where she invested $ 350 million built for their production.
The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze models in LS, LT and LTZ are available. Standard and are available:
New family of efficient four-cylinder engines, including 1.4L and 1.8L Turbo
Six-speed automatic and manual transmission
Ten standard airbags, including front, side impact, head curtain rods of the roof, rear seat side airbags and knee airbags new
Electronic stability control with rollover
Bluetooth, USB port and navigation system
XM Satellite Radio and OnStar
MacPherson strut front suspension and Watts Z-link rear axle, with a family of 16 -, 17 - and 18-inch
Standard StabiliTrak electronic stability control, traction control and ABS brakes
Fuel, saving rack-mounted electric power steering
Unexpected levels of calm, gentleness and elegance for the segment
All models feature an interior with high quality materials and a long list of unexpected equipment, including those from leading infotainment. A stereo system, MP3 playback, six speakers and an auxiliary jack for personal playback device includes, standard. A premium Pioneer sound system is available, it's like a USB port for iPod operation. Other available technologies include Bluetooth and a navigation system.
"There are a lot of content in all models of Chevrolet Cruze was designed to provide our customers the features they want, regardless of the size of the car or the segment," said Brooks. "For a very competitive price, you will be able to a Chevrolet Cruze in leather and heated front seats, 16-inch aluminum wheels, XM Satellite Radio, OnStar, Bluetooth, a USB connection for iPod, cruise control, central locking and power get mirrors. "
Arched roof
Chevy Cruze design is made with a bold - even a double lattice with the iconic Bowtie logo - which is the signature look for Chevrolet throughout the world. An arched roof combines a raked rear windscreen pillars and sloping quickly to the car a sporty coupe-like proportions.
The aesthetics of the sport is also in prominent slots headlights that see around corners and sweep upward in the fenders and hood sculptures, short tail and a typical sports coupe. The wheels are at the corners with minimal overhangs front and rear. All the elements work coherently to give Cruze an aggressive look which is complemented by an extensive confident attitude.
In fact, the Chevrolet Cruze wider and longer than most of its competitors. Taut, well-designed body is sound, while the use of the contents of the car exterior trim enhances quality impression. The whole case is a precision targeting.
Precision can also be seen as building the Chevrolet Cruze. Body Lordstown assembly plant has been reorganized to optimize the latest in body-shaping and welding equipment to the production of a very solid body structure. This structure strongly favors the minimum-variance production and repeatable gap tolerances of 3 mm or less between most skirts. The customer, this means a nicer car, when new and one that feels comfortable in the coming years to come firmly.
chevrolet cruze Interior Design
Chevrolet Cruze were bold design elements and attention to detail combined on the interior, which inspired a Chevrolet Corvette double-well model with high quality materials and exceptional assembly tolerances. Grained, soft-touch components and low gloss trim exude a quality that is rare in the segment.
The instrument panel is an excellent example of how to avoid the expectations of the Chevrolet Cruze compact car. It is equipped with tools and rich in detail, the background lighting with light emitting diodes (LEDs) are provided. The LED lights provide a razor-sharp, ice-blue illumination of the analog devices, and lighting for other internal controls. A segment-rare standard Driver Information Center provides a large amount of data to the vehicle owner.
Blend harmoniously into the dashboard, an integrated center console that the infotainment display, climate control and radio control houses. Built-in components of the center console have a gap tolerance of less than 1 mm, while the panel is less than 5 mm instruments to door panel gaps. These tolerances are the best in the class and contribute significantly to the aura of elegance and precision Chevrolet Cruze.
Headliner and pillar trim Chevrolet Cruze also radiate craft. The cover headline is of knitted material, which should also be headlining the five layers of an acoustically help make the cabin quieter. The pillar interior moldings and other colors and grain matched the headliner, and valve seat rings are the same color as the trim, so that the cabin detailing the luxury limousines.
New, efficient motors
Presented by his turbocharger turbo Ecotec 1.4L Chevrolet Cruze driven, like a larger engine to act when needed, but retains the efficiency of a small four-cylinder in most driving situations. And "standard LT and LTZ models, with output at 138 hp (103 kW) and 148 Nm of torque (200 Nm) estimated.
Standard on LS models is a 1.8L Ecotec four-cylinder that has the same basic architecture as the 1.4L turbo. Both engines are part of the global GM family of small-displacement engines designed with fuel efficiency, including technology, such as fully variable valve timing optimizes the performance and fuel economy across the rpm band.
Backup Chevrolet Cruze, four-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic transmission. Everyone contributes to the Chevrolet Cruze and the fuel economy, with its carefully-calibrated gear, increases its fun quotient drive.
Ecotec 1.4L with the turbo, fuel efficiency Chevrolet Cruze allows an autonomy of more than 500 miles (800 km), it can go longer between fill-ups means.
The best coverage in America - Chevrolet Cruze is GM's powertrain five-year/100 ,000-mile warranty.
Responsive, quiet ride
To complement the new Chevrolet Cruze engines a strong body structure and chassis system is designed to provide attractive and fun to drive. The body structure is tight and stiff, and his strength were able to recruit the engineers detailed framework for ride comfort and control.
A MacPherson suspension is used on the front, while a technically advanced Watts Z-link design is used with the rear suspension. It helps center the rear axle during cornering, helping to keep the Chevrolet Cruze reactions symmetrical treatment of both left and right turns. The ability to link the central axis of the curve provides a smooth, more like the rear suspension to the guidelines of the front suspension.
The StabiliTrak electronic stability control with anti-tilt system, as well as traction control and ABS are standard. Electric power steering is standard on all models. It helps to save fuel, because it eliminates the traditional power steering pump driven by the engine accessories. Sixteen-inch wheels are standard on LS and LT models with 17-inch alloy wheels as standard LTZ. Eighteen-inch alloy wheels are available on 2LT and LTZ models available.
Together with an appealing driving experience, the Chevrolet Cruze calm and refinement on the road. Bushings and hydraulic engine cradle reduce or eliminate vibration-isolated channels that can be transmitted to the passenger compartment.Likewise, a series of noise reduction and noise suppression technologies in the body structure, including 18 distinctive acoustical treatments are used. Examples are:
The front-of-steel instrument panel is positioned between two mats of damping sandwiched
Nylon baffles in different parts of the body structure uses and the cavity with sound-absorbing foam that expands when the body enters the paint oven filled
The headliner is made of five layers of thermal acoustic fibers, including premium tissue on the outer layer visible
Patch insulation material are strategically placed throughout the body and a melt, when the body goes through the furnace, paint, allowing the patches to follow the contours of the underlying metal
The material of the insulation between the components of the rear body, which is made from recycled blue jeans
The doors have triple seals and fiberglass-function "hole" cards that act as barriers to water, air and noise. The doors are also beta-reinforced, in the sense that close with a solid and accurate sound and resonance


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  3. I appreciate all of the information that you have shared. Thank you for the hard work!
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